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January 4 - WMTA Schedule Change

Since the Colorado National has subsequently been scheduled for the same dates we had selected for the 2019 Medicine bow Cup, we're moving the MBC to the next weekend to avoid the conflict. It's now June 22-23.

WMTA Schedule

January 2 - 2019 Trials Season is Ramping Up!

Happy New Year to all! The WMTA 2019 event schedule was posted in October and may yet undergo some fine tuning.
We've got most of the 2019 Rocky Mountain region trials club schedules posted on the regional calendar already. They're all conviently overlayed for ya on a single calendar.
* As it's early, many events are tentative and subject to change so be sure to check each clubs web site for the latest info on dates, locations, cancellations and postponed events.

WMTA Schedule
Rocky Mountain Region Trials Club Events

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