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January 19 - 2017 Memberships + Contact Info

Our online membership application may save a bit of time for all. Just fill out the form and mail a check or pay at the first meet you make it to. If your contact information has changed for 2017 you can update that information online too so you don't miss any WMTA email announcements.
You'll find these links if you click on the More... button in the nav bar above. Look for
Membership Application - online
Update Your Contact Information - online

January 10 - Regional Calendar

The 2017 regional event calendar has been updated with NMTA, RMTA and WTA events.
See the WMTA Schedule page and then click on Rocky Mountain Region Calendar.


December 14 - Mosteller Cup Photos

Mandy Hanifen has sent us some photos to share from the 38th annual Mosteller Cup. You can check 'em out on Photobucket. Thanks Mandy!

Photos Here

December 9th - From WMTA to all

Happy Holidays animation

December 9 - 2017 WMTA Schedule

In case you hadn't noticed, the 2017 WMTA schedule was put together in October and is posted.

Schedule Here

December 9 - Regional Calendar

2017 event dates are starting to fill in the regional calendar. WMTA, MWVTA, NATC and Chuck Molines events are posted there now.
See the WMTA Schedule page and then click on "Rocky Mountain Region Calendar".

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