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A little history

The 307 NATC National rounds are being held in an area about five miles North of Midwest, WY within the historic Salt Creek Oil Field. Nearby is the Shannon No. 1 well of 1890 and although not the state’s first oil discovery, it led to a major find in 1908 and helped launch the petroleum industry in the West. Pits and camping reside adjacent to the former site of the Lower Salt Creek Reservor, which provided hydro energy for the still-standing relic of the Electric Plant built in 1924. This plant provided power for what may have been the first night lighted football game in the United States. Midwest vs. Casper, 0-19 on Nov.19, 1925

"For the football game, Midwest Refinery Company electricians set up twelve floodlights of 1,000 candlepower each around the field, four more of 2,000 candlepower, and from the top of an oil derrick near the field, a huge searchlight swung its beam over the players and the crowd. Electricity had come to the oil fields around Midwest earlier that year, when the company built an electric plant to power thousands of oil-well pumps." Full story by Tom Rea here
The Salt Creek Museum in Midwest displays artifacts and more than 4,000 photographs of the Salt Creek and Teapot Dome Naval Reserve No. 3 oilfields, illustrating the area’s history from 1889 to today, according to Curator Pauline Schultz. The museum holds a full set of Midwest Refining Company Books from 1920-1930. Visit the the City of Midwest web site and an article on Wyoming's First Oil Well.