A fellow Trials rider remembers Fred...

I've had the good fortune of working with Fred as fellow Trialsmasters and on club matters. I've accompanied him on many road trips and ridden with him at trials venues scattered all around the country. I certainly never learned all there is to know about Fred, was exposed to a small portion of the whole person, the portion of him where we clicked as guys that share an interest in motorcycles, and trials competetion. In that light, I can say Fred had a passion for the camaraderie and friendly competetion of motorcycle trials, it's machines and people.

Based on the experiences I've had with him, I found Fred was a man...

Whose laughter could not be mistaken for others
Whose snoring I have not yet heard a match
Whose affection for In-N-Out Burger I may never comprehend
Whose canine friends never missed a good scratch and praise
Whose motorcycles never could not be made better
Whose delight shown by riding the lines missed by others
Whose missed club events you can count with just fingers
Whose face turned to happy midst motorcycles and friends
Whose preparedness never seemed lacking
Whose nature was calm amid chaos
Whose advise was sought after by all
Whose leadership seemed never questioned
Whose problems were there to be overcome
Whose passion was seen when plans needed made
Whose gremlin came out when sections were laid
Whose foresight always left me amazed
Whose duty as Trialsmaster knew of no illness
Whose committment to club seemed almost relentless
Whose presence among us, it should have been longer

So long friend, you will be missed...Dan Straka