Trialsmasters Recommendations and Tips:

* The first and second sections should be set fairly easy, and short to get riders through quickly and should also be one-scorer friendly

* Ribbon should lay on ground Ė ribbon strung above ground can be stretched or snagged by passing riders

* Section boundary ribbon should be contiguous from in gate to out gate unless natural boundary exists

* Ride-in your sections, when doing so never make them harder, but ease-up on areas that turn out to be harder than you thought they would be.

* When setting and riding-in sections, aim for not more than 10 points per loop for the

Considerations when designing sections:

* WMTA meets are club-level meets not National-caliber meets and the sections should reflect that.

* New riders, riders new to a class such as those who have just moved up as well as riders at the bottom half of their class should be considered when designing your sections so as not to discourage them from the sport.


Rider Etiquette, Recommendations and Tips:

* WMTA meets are club-level meets not National-caliber meets, your attitude as a rider should reflect that.

* Along the same subject, in front of your peers, checkers and spectators is no place for you to display a bad temper or offensive language.

* "A man's got to know his limitations" (Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan, Magnum Force (1973)). Did you know, if a section looks too hard or unsafe for your level of riding, you do not have to ride it. Ask the scorer to punch you a 5 and go on to the next section. On the next loop It just might not look as intimidating and you may want to try it then.

* Let the scorer make the calls, itís not your place as a rider to make comments that may influence the score of another rider unless you're asked.

* Never argue with a scorer but if you have a problem with the score you received, tell the sign-up committee when you turn in your score card.

* In the interest of time, donít ride in groups of more than 2 or 3

* Have your score card easily accessible to checkers Ė clip to neck lanyard, control cable, number plate or gas vent tube

* Donít fold up your loop card so that the checker has to wait for you to find it, unfold it, punch it, fold it back up and wait for you to put it away.

* Donít pick up your last loop card until youíre heading out for your last loop.